Thursday, July 19, 2012

Software Releases • Red heart Theme GO Locker 1.1

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Requirements:Android 1.6+
Overview: 3.The theme is Collocation a matching with the GO Launcher theme,You can search: pinkmusic theme GO launcherEX to find it.hope you like it.
Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement!

More Info:
1.Make sure GO locker V1.05 has been installed.
2.Use it with pinkmusic theme, Which is for GO Launcher EX, is perfect!
1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO Locker v1.05 has been installed;
2. Click “MENU—->Preferences—->Theme Settings—->GO Locker---->My locker” to choose the theme;

Software Releases • Jucy Workout Gym & Sport Log

Jucy Workout Gym & Sport Log 1.7
Requirements: Android 2.2
Jucy is an extremely user friendly and lightweight application for gym and sport lovers, who want to log their workout history, view statistics and manage exercises with ease. Get rid of pen and paper and start using nice-looking and intuitive Jucy without spending hours on understanding tricky interfaces. Thanks to backup and restore features, you will never lose your data even if wish to change your phone.

- Workout routines and plans
- Stats and graphs
- Manage exercises for any kind of sport
- Backup and restore workouts, exercises and history
- Notes for workouts

Jucy is optimized for phones and tablets and is free for 1.5 month.

Download Instructions:

Statistics: Posted by astalavista_dude — Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:12 pm

Stunt Bike Mania Apk v1.0 (1.0) Download

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Released Game Name: Stunt Bike Mania 1.0 Apk Supported Android version: Android 2.1 and up Category Description: Arcade & Action Game Overview: Do you think you are a stuntman, don’t just say it, prove it. Perform better stunts than anyone in the race and prove to be the best!! Download

Rope Rescue Apk v1.22 (1.22) Download

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Released Game Name: Rope Rescue 1.22 Apk Supported Android version: Android 2.2 and up Category Description: Brain & Puzzle Game Overview: Cute birds are now captured in cages,they tried to get out but they failed. So, you are going to help them!! Rope Rescue,an award winning title in puzzle category comes to your end, where you use ropes [...]

Zombie Shock v1.1 Apk Android

Down The Hatch! v1.22 Apk Android

Join Stinky as he falls from grace in a sinful shower of decadent desserts.

Ultimate Call Screen HD Pro v6.2.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: Ultimate Call Screen HD Free combines a Fullscreen Caller ID replacement, contact picture manager, call blocker, and, on top of that, sensor-base actions such as rejecting calls by turning the phone screen-down, and swipe gestures just to be sure you handle your phone any way you want to.

 Licensed users can link phone contacts to Facebook profiles, and use their HD profile pictures as call screens. Also with the License comes Ultimate SMS Screen, the name says it all.

 All this on the same package, working from Android V2.1 to ICS, on any resolution on any phone.

 There is no limit on the number of contacts you can personalize or block on the Free version. There are no adds and no timeouts. I believe on added functionality for value, not crippling the app to force buys.


 To access the dialpad and other standard functions, press "back" button while on a call, or use the enable the "swipe down" feature to do the same



 No limit on number of contacts to personalize.

 Apply pictures to contacts directly from your gallery, with the android "share" function. Just choose "Add to UCS"!

 Full Screen Caller ID

 Selectively enable only for outgoing/incoming calls

 Enable swipe gestures to bring up the default phone interface

 Press "Back" when UCS is handling a call to jump back to your default phone interface

 Choose pictures from gallery or take from camera

 Image cropper with multi-touch zooming

 Per-contact blocking

 Preview each contact callscreen

 Define a global default HD picture for those contacts you don't feel like personalizing

 Optional on-screen "loudspeaker" button

 Option to show/hide status bar on lockscreen

 Optional haptic feedback (vibrate)

 Different default pictures for known and unknown contacts

 Hide parts of the call screen for cleaner interface.

 Call Blocker

 Block individual contacts.

 Global Activate/deactivate call blocking, overriding individual contact block status.

 Sensor based actions

 Activate/deactivate sensor actions

 Set the "Turn to reject" feature: Turn the phone screen-down to reject an incoming call.

 Pro Features:

 Intercept and show SMS messages with fullscreen caller picture below. Fully themable SMS screen.

 Option to make incoming SMS show above lockscreen, including turning the screen on

 Dismiss or reply to sms directly from UCS SMS screen, with buttons or swipe gestures

 Link your contacts to Facebook friends and use their HD profile pictures as call screen.

 Setup UCS to use your current android contact picture as fullscreen caller ID.

 Enable swipe gestures to answer, decline,or bring up your default phone interface

 Use UCS themes to personalize your call screen even more! Different default themes for known and unknown contacts, as well as hiding callscreen elements.

 Setup different themes for individual contacts

 Activate the "Turn to mute ring" feature (if your hardware supports it).

 Activate the "Turn for loudspeaker" feature (if your hardware supports it).

 Activate the "Block all incoming calls" feature: every single call will be blocked.

 Activate the "Whitelist mode". This allows you to invert the blocking selection, and all contacts NOT marked for blocking will be blocked.

 Activate the "Block Unknown Callers" feature.

 What's in this version:

 - Android 4.1.X JellyBean compatibility

 - Fixed rare FC when disconnecting Bluetooth devices

 - Updated German translation

Download: Released by chathu_ac

Smart App Protector(app lock+) v4.5.2 Apk App

Requirements: 2.0+

Overview: Protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!

 ※ If features a malfunction on Galaxy Series after current firmware upgrade, and then uninstall Protector and re-install Protector for fixing it.

 ✔ Smart App Protector will protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!

 It can also prevent your screen from turning off, and prevent it from auto-rotating when selected apps are open!

 1) All Features

 · Protect installed apps using password or pattern

 · Prevent the screen from turning off (when selected app is running)

 · Prevent the screen from auto-rotating (when selected app is running)

 2) Additional Features

 · Supports pattern unlock

 · Supports random password button

 · Protection Delay (if you unlock an app, you will not be required to enter the password again until screen is turned off)

 · Protection Delay+ (if you unlock an app, you will not be required to enter the password for ANY app again until screen is turned off)

 · Lock screen settings (change the background image & more!)

 · Restart the protector when it is forced closed (Helper needs to be installed)

 · Set app protection time (for example: 09:00-18:00)

 · Hide the app icon in home launcher

 · Power saving mode (set CPU & RAM usage)

 · Backup & Restore your list of protected apps

 · Includes a homescreen widget!

 * tag : app lock, app protector, password, pattern, privacy

 ---- Q /A ----

 ✔ Can't run Smart App Protector

 ·if you hide Protector's Icon in options, and then Protector will disappear. To run it, please put 'Widget' of Protector in Widget List and click it.

Download Instructions:


A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.3 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: An intelligent keyboard with revolutionary context-sensitive text prediction, auto-correction, auto-learning, undo/redo/navigation capabilities and cool (and customizable!) skins (WP7, Win 8 and iPhone for instance).

 Out of the box, the keyboard provides English prediction only at the moment, but it learns any language you use! (add your local language in the settings, if it's not there by default).

 Psychic word completions and predictions are generated by A.I.type’s servers on the Cloud. When the device is offline or Internet connection is too slow, or if you disabled Cloud-based prediction, word suggestions will be generated by the device only.

 The keyboard also learns your unique words and style of writing (MyType). Just type your texts normally and it will keep learning. The learning model is stored on the device itself and is NOT shared with our servers.

 Privacy notice: while installing A.I.type Keyboard, you will receive a warning message about collecting sensitive data. This is the standard general-purpose Android message issued for any downloaded keyboard and it does not pertain to A.I.type. Our keyboard DOES NOT COLLECT YOUR SENSITIVE DATA.

 Personal request: if you like our keyboard - please be kind and give us 5 stars in the Market (“four is more but five – and we thrive!”), plus a nice comment. If you don't like us - please let us know why (, and we urge you to hold yourself from rating us low. We are working hard to make it a great keyboard, and there are many challenges in the way... We are very responsive and appreciative to feedback and comments, and answer every message (if you provide contact details, of course).

 Key features:

 * Suggests your next word!

 * Completes your current word!

 * Corrects your spelling as you type!

 * Auto corrects your typos when you hit the spacebar (context-sensitive)!

 * Automagically learns your common words and style. We call it - MyType (beta!)

 * Supports unique skins (Win Phone 7 skin, iPhone skin, large buttons skin and more).

 * Allows skin customization - colors, background images etc.

 * Includes a layout for undo/redo/copy/paste/navigation and more.

 On our agenda:

 * Prediction in other languages (recommendations?)

 * Learning from SMS messages on start-up

 A.I.type's revolutionary text prediction will speed up your writing by saving more than 75% of your keystrokes. You choose entire words instead of typing one letter at a time. A.I.type is great for your emails, SMS messages, chats, social network communications etc.

 With A.I.type, the word you’re looking for will often appear in the list without typing even a single letter! Practically any word appears with just one or two keystrokes. This ability comes from A.I.type’s patent pending technology which understands what you’re typing and helps you quickly and easily find just the word you were looking for.

 In addition, when you type fast and make typos as you go, A.I.type auto-corrects your words, and – being sensitive to the context – it does it well!

 Because A.I.type keeps improving, it’s recommended that you allow the auto-update feature to run so you’ll always have the latest version.

 What's in this version:

 Latest Update 1.9.3

 Talking option, reads words as you type. Visually Impaired Talking theme will be available soon.

 Fast delete, backspacing deletes slowly at first, and then speeds up.

 Runs faster- improvements in performance and memory usage.

 Bug fixes in the Settings screens.

 New on 1.9.0

 Added: new top row with numeric / symbols / navigation keys

 Added: auto-corrections are previewed on space bar

 Added: Greek, Swedish and Korean Predictionaries!

 Added: supporting ICS’s new voice input

Download Instructions: