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Software Releases • Beta v1.4 Beta v1.4
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: is a little app which contains download list and links for best free payed apps from market (Google Play Store).

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This app is very little in size and very well optimized. Only 500 Kb and require only internet acces for you to download apps and games.To download apps and games you don't need to enter any captcha methods or others. It is just choose and tap and voila our app is downloading to your mobile phone.

What's new in version 1.4 Beta:
  • Added option to leave a comment on application and games
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • You can only comment on apps and games that is installed on your device.
My plan for future versions:
  • Add option to also rate the apps
  • Option to report if you found some bugs...
  • Need to add some graphic in this app. This black is booooring
For any info you can find me:
Thank you:

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Software Releases • My Xperia AV GO Theme 2.0

My Xperia AV GO Theme 2.0
Requirements: Android v2.0 and higher
Overview: a special theme for GO Launcher EX, Xperia AV style!


Brief Introduction:
Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.

GO Launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed.
Search “GO Launcher EX” on Google Play Market and install it for free.

***How to Apply the Theme
1. Directly open the theme after successful installation.
2. Or back to Menu > Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

***How to Change Wallpaper
Click Menu > Wallpaper, and select the wallpaper you like.

***How to Change App Icons
(Some devices might not automatically apply the icons)
Long press some app icon > Replace > Theme’s icon, and then choose the icon you like.

*** If incorrectly displays the contents of the theme
(changing subjects were design elements from the previous)
Click Menu > Restart - This operation is restarted GO Launcher EX, and everything will fall into place

Thank you for your continued support. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.

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Soccer Superstars 2012 by GAMEVIL Inc. v1.0.5 Apk Android

The Ultimate Smart Soccer Experience

Soccer Superstars 2012

The Ultimate Smart Soccer Experience

Play soccer, become a superstar.

Do you have what it takes to be the Soccer Superstar?

Play Soccer Superstars 2012, the most immersive and dynamic soccer game on App Store. Train your player and team with endless skill building and leveling options. Unlock special players and dominate the stadium against impressive AI or others players across the world. Soccer Superstars 2012 brings intensive team management and soccer game play to your device for endless hours of soccer fun.



Play in League Match, Village Cup, Event Match and Quick Match, as your team challenges intelligent AI and other users!


Manage your team with the most thorough customization features as you combine and upgrade players, draft players, unlock Super Players and manage your stadium tickets!


Learn new tricks and level up as you train your team to be the best in the league! Specialize your player’s moves and skills!


Shoot goals, make passes in clean and clear retina enhanced graphics for smartphones!


Set records and top scores in the global ranking charts against other players across the world!

Direct Download Link | Direct Download Link

Shot Control v2.5.7.1 Apk Android

Software Releases • Spirit FM Unlocked vJul27

Spirit FM Unlocked vJul27
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Spirit FM Unlocked is a real, tuned, "over the air" FM radio app with RDS (song info etc.) and other advanced features. It is NOT a streaming app that requires expensive data service.

April 13 Spirit FM Free for compatibility testing: (Enable System Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources. On ICS System Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources)
Compatibility list: ... ostcount=2
Feature lists below. Video demo by xmguy: (Thanks !)
Satisfaction absolutely guaranteed or full refund. Don't worry about the 15 minute return race.
Please email for ANY problems or questions.
Spirit was initially targetted at custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, on which FM app availability is limited.
If you don't know what a "ROM" is, then your phone is likely "Stock" and un-rooted.
Support for stock, un-rooted devices is now present, but limited, and various bugs are being worked on.
If your stock phone has a working, stock FM app you are happy with, then Spirit may be of little use to you at present.
If your stock phone does not have a working, stock FM app, then FM is likely impossible, except Bionic, Droid 2 & 3, Defy.
Some phones will never work and nobody can make them work because the hardware is disabled. This includes Atrix, Nexus S, US Galaxy S2's, Galaxy Tab, Droid (1)/Milestone, P999 G2x, Galaxy Spica.
I understand the prices may seem high, but this is a niche app. Price experiments say higher prices will keep this app alive & improving.
How many other "Real FM" apps are on the Market ? Two: 1 for Galaxy S only and one repackaged Motorola app.
Why ? It's extremely difficult. Google does not support FM apps. They and the carriers seem to dislike free "Over The Air" FM.
Light & Unlocked include:
- Lifetime technical support for as many devices as you own & questions you have.
- Stereo, Mono & alternative settings.
- Mute & Speaker support.
- 6 nameable presets.
- Status Bar & Notification window.
- Sleep function, Test functions, Email Logs, UI settings & RSSI graphic.
- And many more Light & Unlocked exclusive features to come !
Unlocked adds:
- Enhanced technical support and attention to feature requests.
- RDS song info etc: RT, PS, PTY, PI & AF (RadioText, Program Service, Type, ID & Alternate Frequency).
- Unlimited Preset lists & nameable presets.
- Landscape mode, forced or automatic.
- Media button & CM lockscreen support for mute, volume & frequency.
- All UI settings, including antenna & station ID.
- And many more Unlocked exclusive features to come !
This is not a throwaway game app you play for a few days. How many hours will you spend listening to FM in the next 20+ years ?
How much can you save on data plans by listening to free, over the air radio versus streaming ?
Re: CNet article "We're not paying enough for apps": ... count=2523
Spirit is not a one time purchase. It's ongoing technical assistance, fixes, new device support & features.
I'm one developer and Spirit is my only app and income. I'm trying to do a job Google said they couldn't for lack of developer resources.
Your support will help keep Spirit FM alive and improving.
For further information, please see my app thread: ... p=13385163
Thanks !

What's in this version:
- CM10 / Jellybean updates and bug fixes.
- Galaxy S/S2/S3/Note audio & FM driver updates.
- HTC OneX GSM & LTE support.
- Support for preset name in Notification window, next to frequency.
- New Audio->Method's "qsd8250 Plus/ICS", "msm7x30 AscendII", "ZTE Blade2".
- Support for preset name in Notification window, next to frequency.
- RDS PS & RT in Notifications Screen. Settings -> Notification Display.
- RDS West European characters.

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ScreenDim Full v1.16.1 Apk Android

Is your minimum screen brightness still too bright? Dim your screen below what your device normally permits for comfortable use in darker environments, reading in bed, amateur astronomy, etc.! No Root required.

Save your five favorite brightness and contrast settings as a preset, and get it back by touching a single button or by a Launcher shortcut (ScreenDim also provides a Launcher shortcut to cycle through the presets, and another Launcher shortcut to disable it).

ScreenDim also creates a notification item in your status bar so you can easily go back to it to adjust settings.

ScreenDim is the first dimmer that can both adjust backlight brightness below what the system normally permits on many LCD devices and dim the contrast. Some dimmers only filter and lower the contrast, which keeps the black areas unchanged and glowing gray on LCD devices when in the dark and doesn't save battery life (and at least one does it in a way that slows down 2D screen performance by about 30% in my testing). Many other dimmers only change the backlight within the range normally allowed by the OS.

Note 1: On OLED devices, there is no backlight, so all adjustment is contrast-adjustment.

Note 2: If you set ScreenDim too dark for you to see the screen, you can recover by adjusting brightness with the volume buttons while in ScreenDim, or by tapping where the brightness adjust should be on the screen if you don't have volume buttons, or by rebooting your device (on many devices this is done by holding the power button for up to ten seconds to turn the device off and then by turning on the device).

Click Here To Download
Direct Download Link | Direct Download Link

Weather Flow v1.3.5 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: The weather experience in a way you never seen before!

 The application presents weather forecast and current conditions with a beautifully desiged UI.


 Weather Flow will provide you with current weather conditions, hourly and daily forecasts. Forecasts and weather conditions are provided for your city and 80.000+ locations around the world. Add multiple cities to the app and switch between them to see what the weather is like - perfect for travel planning. Stay up to date with the latest weather information from as many location as you want.


 Trouble finding a well designed weather app? Try Weather Flow. We care about user experience just as much we care about accurate forecast. Every part of the application was crafted with the latest ICS design, to perfectly fit your Android phone. Spice up the visuals by switching between the Holo theme and a visually rich theme, using which ever you're in the mood for.


 We provide themed widgets, so you can choose which one is the best match for your Android home screen. Widgets are updated every 30 minutes, to save battery.


 Widgets only work if the app is installed on internal storage. If the app is on external storage like an SD card, the widget disappears. It is a technical issue in the Android system, which we can't change.


 Be aware, that the application is optimized to handsets. Currently tablets are not supported

 What's in this version:

 - BUGFIX: Crash on Jelly Bean fixed.

 - BUGFIX: Widget bug on JellyBean fixed.

Download: Released by chathu_ac

Wave Control Pro v2.19 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Control Your Music With a Wave of Your Hand!

 Uses the proximity sensor on your phone to allow control of your music playback by waving your hand over your phone. No need to turn on your screen or even touch your phone at all!

 As seen on:


 *Huffington Post*

 *Pro Version*

 -No Ads

 -More Commands

 -Assign Which Gesture Does Which Command

 Coming Soon:

 More Features - feel free to email any requests you have

 Update the UI

 Easy to use, just wave your hand over the sensor (usually located just next to the earpiece on your phone).

 Holding it there will Pause/Resume

 One wave across will go to the Next Song

 Two waves across will go to the Previous Song

 Three times (needs to be fast) will Pause or Resume the controls

 *Be sure to enable Headset Button Control in your player of choice

 Some Notes:

 There is a little less than a second to register your waves.

 Tip for the hover gesture: if you move your hand away too quickly it'll register a wave

 After an action, there is a 1 second delay before another gesture will be registered

 Will work with any player that accepts headset (media button) controls

 If the screen is off or another app is in focus, phone vibrates once on pause control and twice on resume controls

 Practice your wave techniques by checking the "Last Action"

 If you're getting another player responding to the commands, check if that app has the option to disable headset button controls


 I have read that the sensor will behave differently on different phones. I don't have the resources to have a bunch of phones around to test on. If there is a problem with the app, please email me at and give me a chance to figure it out before leaving a bad review!

 And… there is a chance this app may not be compatible with your phone.. sorry. I'll do my best to keep the compatibility list up to date so future users won't run into issues.

 Permissions Needed:

 Wake Lock: So it will work when the screen is off

 Read Phone State: So it won't do anything when you're on a call

 Vibrate To use when screen if off or app not in focus

 What's in this version:

 V2.19: Add Reset Button to Target Media App to return to default behavior, New Ads for free version(hopefully more relevant), bug fixes

Download: Released by chathu_ac

Textgram Pro v2.0.3 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: Create beautiful graffiti and share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Streamzoo, etc.. or save them in your gallery.

 ** Pro Features **

 * Text Rotation

 * Frames

 * No Ads

 Create beautiful graffiti and share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Streamzoo, etc.. or save them in your gallery.

 What's in this version:

 __ v2.0.3 __

 * Landscape mode enabled

 * Custom background rotation issue fixed

 * Force close issue with some devices fixed

Download: Released by chathu_ac

Generation of Chaos (ENG) v1.6 With GOCPatcher v2.0

Overview: “Generation of Chaos”, the first massive Strategy RPG for your Android device!

After “Spectral Souls”, HyperDevbox strikes again with “Generation of Chaos”, a new 100-hour game experience.

Build and govern your own kingdom. Engage in 30 vs 30 thrilling battles in real time to defend and expand your territory.

Immerse yourself into each kingdom’s story and play as over 150 characters through 10 different campaigns.


The Dravanian revolution ended in 1701 leaving a nation in ruins. In the wake of this chaos, Minister Zeo deftly rose to emerge as Dravania’s new leader. Before long, Zeo began to transform Dravania into a powerful military force. Now, Dravania has risen from the ashes to restore peace and prosperity to the rest of Lost Grounds…

- The first massive Strategy RPG for Android

- Over 150 unique commanders

- 10 different campaigns

- Over 100 hours of gameplay

- 30 vs 30 epic battles in real-time

- Animated special attacks and spoken events

- Two touch configurations (including a tablet mode)

- Support for Touch & Keyboard with key mapping

- Xperia PLAY optimized


- You need a SDCARD with at least 1.8GB of free space. - There is a MASSIVE 1.8GB additional data download to complete the installation so WIFI is "ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY" and a good dose of patience too, the installation may take from 30mn to 60mn to complete based on your Internet network configuration and/or our servers congestion, everybody will be served but please be patient.

- There is an "in-game" FAQ in case you have some trouble during the installation so please take the time to read it should you have problems.

- Game is set, by default, to use the HIGHEST resolution available so please adjust in the option screen should your device be a little "just" to support the full hires data.

- A High-End device is highly recommended for the best gaming experience however the game is fully enjoyable from Nexus1 or similar type of device. There is a pre-hardware check in the game before allowing the 1.8GB download so those with hardware not yet supported should be able to refund within the actual refund window.


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Wrestling Revolution (PPV) v1.0.5

* Requires a device compatible with Adobe AIR. Allow it to install in order to stream content and eliminate loading times!

What's in this version:

- Special "Wrestlympics" UK tour featuring 10 brand new matches and storylines.

- Lots of new sports related weapons.

- Display options to enhance performance.


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X Construction v1.37

Overview: Build a bridge to let the train safely cross the valley.

Build a bridge with the given amount of materials to let the train safely cross the valley.

Please try the Lite version before you buy the game!

The savegames of both versions are separate of each other. Sorry about that.

There are currently 15 levels in the game.

The paid version has the following advantages:

⇒ no ads

⇒ free build mode

⇒ more levels and materials in future updates

What's in this version:

Fixed reboot crash on Samsung Galaxy S3

Improved scroll performance in build mode

Added one free build level


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